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The Author and The Book

Steve Baker

Steve Baker


Steve Baker has a life-long service to Jesus Christ in the United States, Canada, Africa, Mexico, and most recently, Russia.

Something happened a few years ago. He was a corporate technical writer when he mentally crashed with major, clinical depression. During that dark time of his life he developed a practice that changed his brain and restored his peace.

He authored Brain-talk Meets God-talk to share with Christians afflicted with depression. He also intended it for any Christ-follower desiring to manage life's stress.

Part 1: Sparks and Storms (Stories)

Brain-talk Meets God-talk
Part 1 Stories

Brain-talk Meets God-talk begins in Egypt's Eastern Desert. It's the year AD 356, and a wise old Christian fights his last spiritual battle in the darkness of the desert.

Then time-leap forward to this decade in the United States. Observe a Christian in Iowa fighting clinical depression.

Discover the connection between the men. Get ready for the hope found in a gift that links them, though they are 1,600 years apart in time and thousands of miles distant in culture and country.

They both find serenity and climb out of despair.

Part 2: Rewire and Recover (Instructions)

Brain-talk Meets God-talk

 Brain-talk Meets God-talk is an instruction manual for meditation.

Steps 1-5 teach the method

  • You follow clear step-by-step directions.
  • You merge neurology and theology.
  • You enjoy over 30 days of Daily Focus scripts for meditation.

Cultivate serenity for 20 minutes every day to begin a lifetime of health for your brain.

The cost of the book is LESS than one month's worth of psychotropic medication.

WARNING: Do Not Suddenly Cease Medication Therapy!
Ask your doctor about when to taper off your prescription meds. 

Stress and Depression

  Stress, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and meditation. From the Ted-Ed Animations.  


 You can rewire your brain. It's neuroplasticity. From the Sentis Brain Animation Series by Sentis