Troubled to Tranquil: CHRIST-centered Meditation

Christians in Stress ~ Anxiety ~ Depression

Stress Anxiety Depression

 Your mind and brain are traumatized.

You read the Bible and pray, but the efforts don't lift your dark state of mind.

If you are in depression, you sense the painful stigma: "Real Christians shouldn't be depressed."

Or you are not suffering a depressive disorder but you want to try a meditation routine that is not rooted in Hinduism or Zen. You simply want stress relief with peaceful and meaningful down-time.

With a depressed soul, you continue a spiral downward into mental darkness and confusion. You believe that cynical thoughts and anxiety will be your "normal".

You are beyond sad.

Most of the time you silently live with

hopelessness and despair.

What if you REWIRE your brain?

Brain-talk Meets God-talk
Rewire the brain

  • Find meditation serenity without Eastern religious mysticism.

  • Override dark thoughts about yourself.

  • Reconnect with people as they see you smile again.

In less than 30 days, the peaceful 20-minute Daily Focus sessions reverse the despair in your anxious mind.

For the necessary TACTILE STIMUMLATION through the fingers for the brain, Anglican Prayer Beads keep you focused. Your mind doesn't wander and your breathing keeps regulated.

Your rewired brain allows our Triune God to strengthen and heal your wounded soul.  

Restored Peace

Restored Peace

Meditation brings peacefulness to your life as your brain experiences healthy neuroplasticity.

Your brain changes.

Create new neural pathways as God  restores your soul, mind, and body.

Trust God who made your soul

to restore your soul.

Brain-talk God-talk Questions